Post your great Auxy feature idea here!


So, Auxy is great and all, but I’m sure a ton of you guys actually have some pretty impressive ideas for Auxy, and not just AP ideas!

Here are some of mine:

An undo feature- It’s explained here: Missing an undo feature

A loop “fuser”- There’s a time where you have two loops, and you feel like you should fuse them together cause they sound great. So, maybe when you’re in the “Moving” menu, you double tap your loop and you get a message on top saying “Select a loop to combine your instrument loop with.” Then you drag the loop you tapped twice on to the loop you want to fuse it with (but only with the same instrument, but it could work with other Melodic/Drum loops too). Because of the 8 bar loop limit and you can only make 1, 2, 4 and 8 bar loops, you can only combine those loops with these kinds of combinations:
1 bar x 8
2 bar x 4
4 bar x 2

A universal clipboard- You know how you can copy and paste your instruments and paste a loop sequence in the editor? Well, I feel like the copy and paste in the loop editor isn’t enough. So, what if you had a place to store all your loops and note sequences in one place? So, you can access it from any project, tap the settings, have a menu labelled as “Clipboard” where you can place your copied loops and notes anywhere within the project.

Tempo change in Automation- Some songs you hear on SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify etc. have that small change in speed in them. I’ve come up with songs in my head that actually kinda need that tempo change, and I was thinking of adding that little feature into Auxy.

What are your innovative ideas for Auxy?

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What would you think Auxy 2019 would be like?

someone suggested that the app should have a “cloud” of some sort, where we could save our projects so that they don’t end up getting lost in case something bad happens, so I’d definitely like to see this. it’s one of the top posts on this site.

for me, I think the new update is totally fine, with just a few exceptions…

^^^the black border is pretty out of place…
I know that it’s supposed to make it easier to select the automation loops, but the black border makes it look like the whole thing was just resized. perhaps you can change the color, or switch it with another design? I’m actually fine with how it is now, I just think it would look better if it was something else.

I personally think that the ability to change the pitch of a loop should be moved from the automation loops to the normal loops, maybe have it look something like this:

I think this would be easier to use rather than having to switch between the two just to change pitch and all.


Be able to solo an instrument when changing the macros of it, I want to hear what I am doing to the instrument apart from other layers of the same melody. Be able to change the macros of an instrument in the note editor and switch instruments as well. Basically, I want the top of the instrument editor in the note editor and be able to solo instruments out of the note editor. (Macros are knobs)
EDIT: Clarification and spelling.


I’m not sure what it’s called, but the sidebar that puts your song together (not sure what’s its like on iPad) should have halfbars. I think it would be useful for many purposes, especially drops. If you want a quick break between the Buildup and the drop to hold suspension, you would have to make the audience wait a whole bar, which is annoyingly long. A halfbar/quarterbar would be perfect though!


Hey i was that guy who mentioned the “cloud” thing
And i think an account on ur auxy app would be great


Everything else has a good point to it but your “undo” just seems unnecessary and could be hard to add into


I’m really glad Auxy is developed by professionals.


Automation Effects on the Master Track
Then this app would be :ok_hand::taco:


The system they have right now can be used for more than just pitch bend, while the system you present is useable only for pitch bend. The current system is much more versatile.


A Master track could be used. I’ve noticed that songs in Auxy are quiet compared to other people’s songs.


yup! that’s why I said that only the pitch bend should be moved to the loops themselves, because it would be too compact and harder to navigate if they were all in one place. The other settings can keep their place as automation loops, I’m just tackling the pitch bend. :slight_smile:


Heheh you got that right. Inspiration is everywhere when it comes to making music


Thats true actually. It could be easier


What about this: Having the option to have more than just the option of 1, 2, 4 and 8 bar loops? Why not have something like 3, 5, 6, and 7 bar options?


Because then it would be a bit odd…


Haaa get it?!!


Master volume fader at least where the default value is 50% or less than 100. That way you could actually turn down your instruments to get some balance/dynamics and boost the master back up. Ive seen a lot of featured projects in the feed where every instrument is at max volume and all they do is play with the filters and what not. And this was before automation came in. And yeah it sounds competively loud that way but then why even bother having a volume control period? So yeah master volume fader please.


While I agree this would be much easier, you can instead:

  1. Make a duplicate of the needed loops, then edit the notes where you want to,
  2. Use a 3 bar section ( or 7 - 15, it depends on how long they would be normally), then make another 1 bar section with the needed offset to make the duplicates one bar (This one is better for a big change)


Just put a gap in your chords. Not that hard.


I propose an in app playing surface for recording phrases live, accessible from within the piano roll editor and represented graphically by an almost full screen XY pad with two modes of operation:

  1. Melody mode where x=pitch/note according to selected key/scale with 3 octaves on screen at once and y=note velocity.

  2. Chord mode (not available for chromatic loops) where x=the standard major or minor triads contained within each scale/key with 3 octaves on screen again and y=successive inversions of the chords across 4 or 5 or 6 octaves vertically.

Both modes support only one touch at a time. This is because as you continue to play over a loop that you have already recorded stuff into as it loops back around, your new touches/notes/chords will replace the old ones in their entirety, but only when they coincide. This will allow you to jam out continuously until the perfect 2 or 4 or 8 bar take is captured without having to stop the music and sort through takes and without having to spam an undo or clear button when you make a mistake.

A record button on the header of the playing surface screen arms it for recording and recording begins immediately upon touching the pad. The normal play/stop button works as normal and is still on the bottom. Notes sustained across the end of the loop as it loops back around are not weirdly truncated. An undo button with a QUICK confirmation clears the recording. This undo button becomes a “clear” button when not recording. (By the way there should be a clear button within the piano roll editor anyway).

In Melody mode there is one additional knob on the screen that allows you to choose one of the other parameters to control on the y axis besides velocity

In chord mode there is one additional knob that allows you to adjust the voicing of the chords (not while recording). From chords voiced within 1 octave to chords voiced across, i dunno, 6 octaves.

To me this makes sense if a playing surface is even on the table which I don’t know for sure. The xy Pad layout makes sense, as your screen is essentially an xy pad anyway. And one that you’re more than used to sliding around on. Because it will take up most of the screen, you’ll be able to play by ear with your eyes closed if you want, jamming out continuously without worry. Any shortcomings with this are more than made up for with the ease of use of the wonderful piano roll editor that we already know and love. It will be no big deal at all to toggle back to the editor and make small corrections if you absolutely have to.

Oh yeah: Quantization choices, same as the grid size choices. Quantization occurs POST recording, at the moment the loop returns to the beginning