Post your finished Auxy tracks here!

BSJ here! Post your best tracks here and let me give a listen! My goal is to lift some of the burden off of the Auxy team by helping them repost more tracks so they can focus more on the building of the already AMAZING app. So every few days I’ll hear your tracks and give my picks to them and who knows!! Maybe they’ll give you a repost… :wink:

There is a catch. I want FINISHED tracks. Let’s try to keep the thread clean by not posting projects and small tunes! Let’s DO IT.


A similar thread was established yesterday, but I assume this thread will be the ‘main’ thread concerning productions.
I posted this track in that similar thread yesterday as well, so sorry for the spam, but this is my only demo that’s finished (it’s just quite short).


I did see that thread! I’d think that’d be for feedback and instruction rather than promotion.

I only post my finished tracks so you can take a look and please reply and tell me what you think :grinning:

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Here’s my favorite recent song (that I wouldn’t mind an Auxy repost… :wink: ).


Here are two of my most recent songs, The first one I made using the old Auxy music creation app
And the other one I used with the newer studio app

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of course you wouldn’t mind an auxy repost, nobody would



I wouldent mind one either :joy: I’ve never had a repost before Lol

I hope this forum does not become a place where everyone subtly pesters the devs for reposts. “i wouldn’t mind a repost”


Haha completely agree. But I think this can be prevented as long as the forum has a function and people help each other out.

So I have a question. I have just finished a track and this is probably my best one yet. However, since I’m really excited for this one, I want it to get as much attention as possible (sorry if this sounds a bit arrogant). But since I have just started uploading I don’t have that many followers, so it will probably not do so well. Should I therefore wait with uploading this track to soundcloud, or do it either way? I’m not trying to be cocky or anything… Maybe (hopefully) it’ll help some other people as well.

For now, you should upload your good stuff to SoundCloud. Before you start trying to build up a professional account (which you might or might not do), just upload most stuff you’re proud of. Upload consistently and don’t upload like 5 times in 1 day and then not any for the next week. Time your uploads or say you’ll release every monday or something. :slight_smile:


Yeah that sounds good, thanks for the advice! :slight_smile:

I have created an EDM song named Summer. Its Summer vibes will get you moving!

Guys, PLEASE give me feedback on this,-and feel free to improve it!


chill and wavy track: Waves. Remix away:

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This is the first track I ever wrote entirely in Auxy. There’s some light mastering in Triumph, but otherwise it’s all exported right from Auxy.

Video Link:

Audio Link:



Hi all!

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I finished this up just a few minutes ago. Might be a bit repetitive, but I’d like some feedback on it!