Post your chords here:




i got a little pretentious there for a minute.


i wasn’t actually focusing on voice-leading or part-writing techniques when i used a dominant 7th chord in my song Thank You but i think it works ok


those are good chords


You guys are all amazing thank you


I made this post for the unused projects topic but thought it would be good to share it here.

Thought I’d share this here. I used it to explain something to my friend. It is is really only a project with chords in it but it shows how well inversions work. (Notice how they are all the same notes?)

Edit: here it is with demo sounds for those without premium so that you can look at what I did



I don’t now that much about music theory but I just thought these sounded good

#28 Adding 7ths can make chords smoother
Adding a bass can define the chord


Top infinite instant hits.




Basically just do VI 7- VII 6- IV 7


I guess this will come in handy for the next round


Here’s something I’m debating on using in the future.

I like these chords in Bb. They’re like the most calming shade of tealish blue. Durn synesthesia


it would be nice to have synesthesia

but also kinda annoying i guess


It’s not really annoying to me. It only happens when I hear strong pitches, or when i see bright colors… i could probably make a song from a painting, now that I think about it


I believe that’s called synthia I think. It’s when two of your senses combine. Some people with it can literally hear colors and smell sounds.


Hey mate, uh… scroll up to find that your post wasn’t that necessary. I know I’m coming off as a bit of an a-hole, but you’ll already find it sorta explained. Thanks.


Oh, sorry. I just thought you actually had synthia. It usually makes people great artists or musicians and I just thought it was cool. I realize now that I should have stayed out of it and I should have read the previous posts and that that’s not what you meant by that post. ( I’m pretty stupid like that.:sweat_smile:). I’m sorry if I seemed like a smart Alec. I realize now that it was unnecessary. I’ll delete this post and the one before.



what do you mean by the 6? like a 6th chord? i don’t understand


“Winter Tournament Round 3”

sees this thread

fBi wAnTs tO kNoW yOuR LoCaTiOn