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As a producer, I sometimes struggle with creating smooth chords for my piece. I think this will help others overcome the first hurdle of music theory and give people ideas for their songs.

Making Chords/Sharing Chords

I used this in one of my recent tracks.


Here is one I used in my song, sky blue.




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Np i always used to forget!


The first one I came up with a while ago when I was first laying out the beginnings to Spectrum. Lmk what you think and talk to me if u wanna use them in projects.




One suggestion I have for EDM producers is not to use chords that have gross tritones in them. A tritone is an interval of 3 whole steps (the distance between the 4 and 7 spaces on auxy’s piano roll)

For example, using the dominant seventh chord is not a great idea, because the 3 and 7 create an ugly sounding tritone. Also, if you listen to Slushii, you may notice that in he falls into the tritone trap in some of his tracks.

For example, in his song Find, the vocals go to the note B natural and the chord is a d minor chord. This creates an ugly tritone between the F note in the d minor chord and the B natural note of the vocals. This made listening to this song, which loops the same melody over and over again over the same chords, bringing out the tritone again and again, very difficult to listen to.

However, in certain styles and certain places, this clash can be quite useful. I just don’t think the way certain producers use it in EDM music is very ear-pleasing.


Good idea!




if you voice lead the dominant 7th correctly, you’ll have no problem. i highly doubt someone with music as stale as slushii has had any theory education at all, so his godawful use of the tritone is glaringly obvious and low class, but not suprising.
just a salty music major’s 2 cents
sorry for snapping hehe


in C this is
F-Ab C-Eb-G

i would voice it like

love jazz


Yeah but Tritones are the pushing force in music. As long as you only use tritones as tension then they can sound great with an EDM style


Here’s a chord progression I had for a song.
I love the chords. Nice and jazzy


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I’ll just leave this here…


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Whipped up some random chords for y’all to get inspired from