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LANDR Blog: 5 Tips To Avoid Ruining Your Mix With Muddy Sound


A great lesson on breaking the rules.

How J Dilla humanized his MPC3000


How to recreate Daft Punk’s ‘Da Funk’ in 60 seconds

How to recreate Underworld’s ‘Born Slippy’ in 60 seconds

How to recreate Faithless’ ‘Insomnia’ in 60 seconds

How to recreate Inner City’s ‘Good Life’ in 60 seconds

How to recreate Mr Fingers’ ‘Can You Feel It’ in 60-seconds


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It’s worth quickly scanning through to see if something’s been posted previously.

(I thought I’d also posted the JDilla vid, but it must have been in another thread.)


o my bad u right.


This is very interesting insight into the King of Pop’s musical process, and how that moved him to the No. 1 spot in music charts. Nerdwriter (one of my very favorite YouTube accounts) provides a really detailed look at several aspects of the production of “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” and why it really resonated with people. Definitely worth the watch!


A good video. Bit basic from a music production perspective, but the Nerdwriter (a great essay channel and def worth subbing) addresses a non-specialist audience.

"How Michael Jackson Crafted His First Solo Hit" - Video Essay

After a year and a half of making music on Auxy I’ve learned quite a few things about synth music.
Just saw this video. I think it summarizes JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING about how I make my music.
The only thing different is how I do my drums and rhythms.


I always like to watch RED MEANS RECORDING create a track. I like to see how other people creat their tracks.