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How to Start a Song: 7 Ways to Set Your Songwriting in Motion
(LANDR Blog. 09/07/18)

Good music starts with starting. But it’s not always easy to get the ball rolling. Here’s 7 helpful strategies to set your songwriting in motion. Pick the perfect starting point and commit!


Watch: Marc Houle Inside His Berlin Studio
(LANDR Blog. 06/07/18)

Veteran techno producer Marc Houle discusses his early love for synthesis, looking deep inside songs and why the best approach to creating is no approach at all.

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Mixing an Album: 10 Tips For Keeping Your Album Sound Consistent
LANDR Blog. 05/06/18

The most important element of any finished album, EP or mixtape is consistent sound.

We all want that polished consistency that draws listeners in when we’re producing an album. It’s why LANDR now does album mastering—to give you true mastered sound across your whole project.

But getting a good album master with consistent sound starts with your album mixing. Mixing several songs while staying true to your album’s overall feel is a big challenge…

Wondering how to mix an album? In this article you’ll learn 10 mix tips that will help you get a more cohesive sound across all your mixes.


Re: FACT Magazine’s Against the Clock series

Have you noticed that they’ve disabled comments now – even on the older YT posts.


Worst I ever saw was a bunch of idiot internet mouth breathers slagging on a female producer, I wish I could remember … you know lemme find it.

I think it was Lady Starlight

It’s probably best comments are turned off. No one has anything meaningful to add anyway. I’m getting heart palpitations just looking at all the gear. Could nerd out all day on this stuff…


A lot of the criticisms aimed at women producers is a perceived lack of authenticity (à la ‘Twitch-thots’).
This AtC is a little hard for my tastes, but it’s undoubtedly authentic.

It’s hard to know what kind of AtC would have attracted entirely positive comments.
I think even Cid Rim got some stick and that was :fire:
(First and last time I shall ever reference something being ‘fire’.)

I stopped reading the comments a while back.
Too many bedroom producers who ‘could do better’.


You posted that Cid Rim one I think, and that was one of the best I’ve seen. I had NO IDEA what he was doing for like 8 minutes, and then all of a sudden it just all came together. Mind was blown.


Same here. I first encountered him years ago on the LuckyMe mixtape series/podcast (where I also first encountered — and fell in love with — Hudson Mowhawke) and always knew him as a solid, interesting electronic producer.

I’d somehow managed to miss his more organic, real drum-backed stuff, until that AtC. Blew me away.
That piece hit so many points that I’m trying to grow and build towards.

The way he speaks about the freedom of playing and creating music in the zone/moment, that’s a strong component of why I’m moving away from experimenting through sequencing to experimenting through playing.

I’m starting to prefer the more direct connection with the music of literally having my hands on keys, pads, etc…

It’s not a performance thing. I’m just able to experiment more organically and quickly.
It’s simply not possible to get a groove going on a loop, then try things out in real-time in Auxy.


Yup - I briefly considered switching over to the Novation line of stuff, even on an ipad it’s more performance (with recording), but I don’t think I’d be able to do all the same kind of “stuff” I normally want to do (weird automations, longer vocals perhaps, one of these days, my own vocals).

There’s A LOT to be said for hands on control, keys, knobs, sliders. Best experience I’ve ever had is using an Electribe A and M midi synced. No menus, just all knobs and buttons. SO tactile.


Some interesting stats and analysis…


Ed Sheeran talks about the 10,000 hour rule mentioned in the book, ‘Outliers’ by Malcom Gladwell. As well as advice for upcoming musicians and artists in his youtube interview for his new album, ‘Multiply’.


Lol you gotta get the :poop: water out. Both great posts thanks for this!



The app cost 2.99 USD, but if ur looking to use other DAW’s it might be worth the small investment.



:pray: these videos are great lol. I love how they VERY simply explain what is happening, and the example is also very quick. Thanks for sharing man!


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