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“As a producer, experiment with sound design, but don’t save anything — even if you like it.”

“Give your mind permission to accept that your creativity is endless and that there will always be more.”

#114 continues their Hits Decoded series with Kanye’s Ghost Town.

Hits Decoded: 3 elements that define Kanye West’s “Ghost Town”


The Science of Sound: Delay with Lorenzo Senni

The Science of Sound: Reverb with Caterina Barbieri

The Science of Sound: Distortion with Not Waving


For any of you :b:️uture :b:️ass :b:️ois


Wuph. Seeing the words “Reason” and “Future Bass” at the same time was kind of difficult, I’m not gonna lie.

However, this guys drum and bass video was pretty good, so, I won’t slag on it any further than that :slight_smile: although I don’t really understand his methodology of dragging drum samples to the sequencer timeline. Many ways to skin that cat, I guess…


Ahhhhhh all of these are awesome - informative, a little tongue in cheek. So good! Thank you for this share


I was pretty surprised he even did future bass because all he’s ever made is DnB and dubstep.

As for the drum thing, idk really. He’s always done that but it’s probably just how he was taught to do it.


"Your thumb is on C…"


Emulating Analogue Synths | James Wiltshire | Producer Masterclass | Part 1 of 2


Andrew Huang.


…and another fairy loses its wings.

Legend hasn’t it, if you say his name three times backwards while facing a mirror…


While this isn’t necessarily a video, I found this just today as I was looking up how to recreate some casio sounds. Who knew that it was so hard to find a good article that explained how to recreate the same hack-job process that made retro synthesizers so legendary? But this is seriously helpful for anyone looking into serious sound design.


Richie Hawtin CLOSE: How I PLAY

“I’ve always been very interested in how far you can push DJing, and my new show CLOSE is an audio-visual experience that allows me to experiment much more than my regular DJ shows and hopefully by the-set up and the visuals, it actually allows you to get closer to what is actually happening…” - Richie Hawtin


“I’ve always been very interested in how far you can push DJing, and my new show CLOSE is an audio-visual experience…”

Love a bit of Hawtin, but his statement above is less impressive when you’re aware that the A/V DJ experience thing has been going for well over a decade. Similarly, DJing has been moving towards performance (and intimacy) for years.

Has the slight feeling that he thinks he’s discovered a new take on DJing in 2018, when actually he’s just playing catch-up. Suggests to me that big name DJs might be out of touch with what’s possible in their medium.


How to Make Cheap Acoustic Treatment ($26 per panel)




Nice, two great quick reads. It’s amazing to read the backstory to these tracks that are forever etched into our collective consciousness


Pulled out a few more worthwhile music-related reads from the Guardian’s ‘How We Made…’ series.
(It covers film and other cultural and creative topics too. Worth checking out.)

(and one just for myself…)


Music Modes Explained: What They Are and How to Use Them
(LANDR Blog. 06/07/18)

Music theory is a common roadblock for musicians and producers. Modes are a great way to fix it. Learn how to build each musical mode, what they sound like and how to use them in your songwriting.