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Couple of short videos from Ableton’s YouTube channel.
Parts of a new series about the process of making music.

Not super-informative, but interesting…




Some interesting attitudes and insights throughout the first 8-9 minutes of this interview of Jack Antonoff, one of the writers/producers behind Taylor Swift’s ‘new sound’ (but don’t let that put your off) :wink:

Worth checking out.


Couple of articles from the PrimeLoops blog…

PrimeLoops Blog: How Do I Make A Radio Edit?

PrimeLoops Blog: Classic Tunes Unlocked! – Pon De Floor



Decent intro to making basslines more interesting.

BeatAcademy YouTube channel ( prev. IllFactor) is worth checking out.





Uses modular here, but explains the principles, so can be useful within Auxy too…


nice. thanks mate.

I’ve played around with some modular systems recently and I think building my own is gonna be my musical quest for 2018 :smiley: PSYCHED.


Got this book on order. Looks interesting and useful…

Making Music: Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers


It’s published through Ableton, but seems to be DAW-agnostic and mostly aimed at the creativity.

Available as print and ebook.
8 chapters are available at the link above.

Maybe @Tarekith can vouch for it.


I don’t feel like reading all of that… ;-;


I’ve read parts of it, definitely DAW agnostic. I’ve never read it but if I was going to read a book like this, it would be this one.


It’s amazing!


That’s the spirit :ok_hand:t3::sweat_smile:


Ordered it :ok_hand:t3:Thanks mate :slight_smile:

#62 Blog: Hits Decoded Series

Popular hits, decoded
What made Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” and Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” number #1 songs? Read our take in “Hits Decoded,” a series about what’s happening musically in some of the top hits of 2017.


More insights into how Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You started and came together musically and lyrically.

(I know I might bang on about this track, but it’s a ridiculously successful track with lots said about it from a writing and production POV, so it’s a really good case study.)

In this video, there’s also a glimpse of how the early lyrics were shaped as well as a pretty sweet counter-melody that never made it into the final track.)

How to make music fit for lyrics?

An article (from 2014, but still relevant) talking about how the chorus has changed in recent years, with influences from contemporary electronic and rap genres.

An interesting (and short) read.


How have I not found this until now!?

Plus there’s lots of production ‘making of’ videos…


Again, why have I not discovered this sooner…?