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The Earworm series from are generally quite cool and interesting (great motion graphics too)…

Why more pop songs should end with a fade out

Vox | Published on 1 Sep 2017


Yep, only stumbled on Jon Sine a few days ago. Sat through a couple of his videos, and he sometimes takes forever to get to a useful point and his voice can really low-energy.
I just thought that particular one might be useful to some here, as cover art comes up as a topic some times.

Speaking of producers, ill Factor has some interesting insights and tips to share…
How to find your unique sound (discover your artist DNA)

ill Factor Music
Streamed live on 8 Feb 2017

How to BREAK through your creative roadblocks. Feeling lost with your Music

ill Factor Music
Published on 30 Aug 2016


Worth checking out these articles about basslines…


Props to @blakkaz for the pink noise video links.
Good stuff. I know for sure my levels in my output need work, so thanks for sharing that.


Reference Mixes


Analog Synthesized Percussion


Red Bull Music Academy - Lectures


Loop - Breakbeat Deconstruction: From Hip Hop To Drum & Bass And Beyond


If you intend for your tracks to be played in a club or at a festival you should make sure they work in mono.



Sound Production in Ableton Live for Musicians and Artists

I highly recommend this course. :+1:


I think this is a great concept, but the results are usually surprisingly underwhelming, don’t you think?


The comments on most of them are brutal… :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


It can be a bit hit and miss, and you don’t really get the best insight into their process, as they’re not often talking through it. Just a bit of interesting fun.
For a deeper dive with more insightful stuff, the Future Music ‘In the Studio with…’ series, that also flagged up early on, is a good one.


Help on understanding EDM genres and sub-genres.

The above link is a flowchart of 100+ sub-genres. Created by Kenneth Taylor, the chart was last updated Dec. 11, 2016 and has been announced to be receiving an update sometime this year.
Note: The chart is flash based, so if you want to view it on hand-held devices, you’ll need to DL a browser that can run flash… I use Puffin.

A shorter and more accessible version can be found below.


Interesting interview/chat between Aphex Twin and Tatsuya Takahashi, the guy behind Korg’s Monotron and Volca lines, Minilogue, Monologue and MS-20 and ARP reissues.…


Ableton’s cool tutorial site. This is the section about song structure and arrangement and uses a range of simple breakdowns of tracks by Chvrches, A Tribe Called Quest, Photek and Donna Summer to illustrate.

Worth checking out…



LANDR Blog: How To Use The Lydian Mode To Write Better Songs

#42 Disclosure, CHVRCHES, and the Anxiety of Influencing


Thanks for making this thread guys, It really had helped a bunch :smiley: