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The comments on most of them are brutal… :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


It can be a bit hit and miss, and you don’t really get the best insight into their process, as they’re not often talking through it. Just a bit of interesting fun.
For a deeper dive with more insightful stuff, the Future Music ‘In the Studio with…’ series, that also flagged up early on, is a good one.


Help on understanding EDM genres and sub-genres.

The above link is a flowchart of 100+ sub-genres. Created by Kenneth Taylor, the chart was last updated Dec. 11, 2016 and has been announced to be receiving an update sometime this year.
Note: The chart is flash based, so if you want to view it on hand-held devices, you’ll need to DL a browser that can run flash… I use Puffin.

A shorter and more accessible version can be found below.


Interesting interview/chat between Aphex Twin and Tatsuya Takahashi, the guy behind Korg’s Monotron and Volca lines, Minilogue, Monologue and MS-20 and ARP reissues.…


Ableton’s cool tutorial site. This is the section about song structure and arrangement and uses a range of simple breakdowns of tracks by Chvrches, A Tribe Called Quest, Photek and Donna Summer to illustrate.

Worth checking out…



LANDR Blog: How To Use The Lydian Mode To Write Better Songs

#42 Disclosure, CHVRCHES, and the Anxiety of Influencing


Thanks for making this thread guys, It really had helped a bunch :smiley:


Couple of short videos from Ableton’s YouTube channel.
Parts of a new series about the process of making music.

Not super-informative, but interesting…




Some interesting attitudes and insights throughout the first 8-9 minutes of this interview of Jack Antonoff, one of the writers/producers behind Taylor Swift’s ‘new sound’ (but don’t let that put your off) :wink:

Worth checking out.


Couple of articles from the PrimeLoops blog…

PrimeLoops Blog: How Do I Make A Radio Edit?

PrimeLoops Blog: Classic Tunes Unlocked! – Pon De Floor



Decent intro to making basslines more interesting.

BeatAcademy YouTube channel ( prev. IllFactor) is worth checking out.





Uses modular here, but explains the principles, so can be useful within Auxy too…


nice. thanks mate.

I’ve played around with some modular systems recently and I think building my own is gonna be my musical quest for 2018 :smiley: PSYCHED.


Got this book on order. Looks interesting and useful…

Making Music: Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers


It’s published through Ableton, but seems to be DAW-agnostic and mostly aimed at the creativity.

Available as print and ebook.
8 chapters are available at the link above.

Maybe @Tarekith can vouch for it.


I don’t feel like reading all of that… ;-;


I’ve read parts of it, definitely DAW agnostic. I’ve never read it but if I was going to read a book like this, it would be this one.