Post writing and production tips (links & embeds only)


I’m starting this thread for us to share found videos, articles, insights, analysis, etc… about the creative process of creating songs, tracks, etc… as well as touching upon stuff like profile/career promotion and development.

Anything good that might inspire us to be better in some aspect of our music writing and production.
Anyone here can add a post, for any genre.

I’d like this thread to have minimal – ideally no – comments/discussion, just embeds and links to good content.
(Of course, feel free to hit the Likes buttons on post, if you fancy.) :+1: :slight_smile:


Be sure to also check out the similar thread for branding, releasing, distribution, marketing, building audiences, profile/career promotion and development.

Post branding, distribution and marketing tips

Here’s the first one…

How Mura Masa makes hits from his bedroom

Possible Auxy YouTube tutorials?
Post branding, distribution and marketing tips (links & embeds only)
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Kanye, deconstructed: The human voice as the ultimate instrument


Inside ODESZA’s creative process | Native Instruments


Bieber, Diplo and Skrillex Make a Hit | Where Are U Now | The New York Times


Awesome thread! There are lots of good portraits in the “Telekom Elektronic Beats” channel. Like this one:


This one is profound as well:


To me, Future Music’s “In The Studio With” is a classic series as well:


Thanks for making this topic! Always very interesting to find out where inspiration comes from.


Two awesome production producers that I love


Series analysing tracks, production and writing.
Breaking down tracks from artists including Michael Jackson, Martin Garrix, Disclosure, Zedd, Chainsmokers…


Artists Series from Holistic Songwriting channel.
Analysing how major artists write songs, melodies or deal with promotion.


Electronic Music Composition #4: Creating Basslines (36:24)
Point Blank Music School

The second half focuses on analysing remixes (of Spectrum by Florence + The Machine) submitted by students of their electronic music course. (They’re using Ableton Live, but most of the analysis focuses on the music, choice of chords, drops, progression, etc… rather than production.)

You’ll also find a range of videos deconstructing tracks on that YT channel.



In The Studio With Emika

Future Music Magazine
2 Jul 2015

We visit producer, composer and sound designer Ema Jolly in her Berlin studio to watch how she created tracks from her latest LP, DREI. Read our full interview with Emika in the latest issue of Future Music:


FACT Magazine: Against the Clock

Series: FACT Magazine visits known artists in their studio – and sets them the task of creating a track/groove in 10 minutes.


Couple of posts about music collectives…

Team Supreme: Strength in Numbers

19 Jan 2016

Strength in Numbers traces LA beat-making collective Team Supreme’s rise to prominence via their weekly Beat Cypher mixtape series.


LANDR Blog: Mutualism UK: Creating Scenes in Unexpected Places

What are your criteria for an SC repost? (And are you reposting enough?)

When of the best tips I was given as a young engineer was the pink noise mixing technique.

Plenty of articles and videos online covering it, and really worth 5 minutes of your time if you don’t already know it!

Do my SC tracks seem quiet? (What am I doing wrong?)

Couple of videos from which I find myself revisiting…


Something for the deadmau5 listeners…

deadmau5 + STEVE DUDA | Melodic Structuring | Razer Music

Published on 10 Apr 2016

There’s actually a bunch of videos with deadmau5 talking about his music, creative and production process on the RAZER YT channel.


More on EDM melody writing…