Post weird/interesting auxy statistics/facts below


If you tap the Auxy logo in the top corner 666 times, you get a secret soundpack.


ok this is ebic


Here’s a random one. My song Plainly Speaking has no bass sounds in it. There’s only one sound that functions as the bass, and that’s Mental.


Man wtf all I got now is carpal tunnel… in my thumb. I’ll try again using the index finger on my pone :fu:


The Auxy SoundCloud account is Pro now…I don’t think it used to be


I remember painstakingly making sweeper into a half convincing trap chant about a day before Auxy 5 came out


Tbh I only really use Mental as a bass. It’s a really great bass.


Ooh, cool, Spotlight now


Yeah, interesting.

didn’t think that Drop the Project was necessarily a preview of anything but apparently it is xD


Really? I only use it as a lead.


It has a lot of strong low frequencies, making it useful in the lower ranges, thusly as a bass.

The division between “Bass” and “Lead” is arbitrary as is, and only really serves as a general reference guide to functionality and typical range. Many leads sound good in low octaves functioning as basses, and the single-voice (less detune applied) nature of most basses work well in making some leads in some cases.

This is a good thing though, as creativity shouldn’t be limited by what an instrument is supposed to be used for anyway ^w^


Yeah I guess I’ve never really tried to use it as a lead. Just tested it though - it sounds a lot like an overdriven version of stress. It’s a neat sound in general.


Send :joy:


I think it’s in Control




This can’t be real…right?


No. It’s not


Have u ever tried pasta as chords? Not a self promo but this is what they sound like with chords


I’d like to hear


My only track titled with (Demo) is my longest track on my soundcloud