Post weird/interesting auxy statistics/facts below


My song Costa del Coco has 0 plays and 1 like…

So someone liked it without listening! :joy::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Just saw this :open_mouth: the Auxy Wikia was made by @MisterMaster but I did add a page or two right after he made it


You have to listen to 30 seconds for it to count as a ‘play’, so maybe that someone (*cough* @INDIR3CT) liked it and only listened to less than 30 seconds…


Nope. wasn’t me.


Oops. Meant to ping @MrSerpent


Lol thats what I do half the time :joy:


Did you know? Produk - Singularity has an average of 3.6 wubs per second


me too


i did you said so on discord


Was thinking the same thing


You need to host a Youtube Show for this kind of stuff man. You could call it “Did You Know Auxy?”


i used to add an unreasonable amount of pitch bend to all of my 808s but people really liked it so i’ll do more of it😉


You and @Thrashie have that in common. If only there was a sort of collective or group you made with him to express your godlike 808’s.


your song won’t be accepted if you keep this up😏


Fun fact:

You can make a cymbal into a trap chant if you wanted to


show me




Or just get an actual trap chant on cymatics :ok_hand:



Trap chant