Post weird/interesting auxy statistics/facts below


Beam makes a really neat whistle-type sound in the 5th Octave with the pitch up high and full shape and tone at 1/3


Idk just wondering :stuck_out_tongue:


prolly Memes :woman_shrugging:


Memes has 6.6k likes.


@official_ivo and myself did the first collab over the Internet with Auxy. We had access to the beta a week or so early and completed “alpha”


Don’t forget the

HIP :ok_hand: DROP :ok_hand: :a:️NTHEM


7 Skies commented on @decruz’s track Nowhere.


the great lenburg has given me…
wait for it…


next stop, a repost :wink:


I am one out of 4 other people who have future bass track this as their main track structure on the auxy follow list (this excludes people who used to make FB but then quit making tracks)


Flag is awesome


I want Auxy Conspiracies to come back @icsleepers


I made a remix of Zedd - Spectrum,
It was taken down immediately.
I worked on this song for a whole month.


Universal Media is ruthless when it comes to upholding their copyright :\ that’s probably the reason sadly.




Soundcloud is one of the worst when it comes to uploading remixes of popular songs on big labels and there’s not really much you can do to fight it unless you actually have an officially licensed remix.

I did a remake of Flo Rida - I Cry a long time ago with all garageband instruments and that got taken down instantly, but there’s really nothing i could do about it since SC pretty much asks if the original artist/label gave you explicit permission to remix it


I don’t know if this is a thought or fact:

Around September/October 2017, I was starting to think a thought: What if all the Auxy Instruments were People? They Look Like Cartoon Characters In my mind.
In Melodic Percussion, all of he Instruments are girls except Oak and Ocean :stuck_out_tongue:


My most used bass is Pasta. My most used lead is Stress


If you take any kick, turn the lowpass down to 1/3 to 1/8, and add Click 06 from Leviathan 2 with 1/4 length, it makes a nice house kick


I have never been reposted by auxy :frowning: