Post weird/interesting auxy statistics/facts below


Dwarfed Giant. He’s been following me since I used Figure.


How do you check your top listener?


SoundCloud Pulse app


Do you have Soundcloud pro or go? To see your exact top listeners?


With a regular SoundCloud account, you can see basic stats, and the #1 top of each category (top city, top listener, top country, etc.). With SoundCloud pro, you can see all stats, not just #1s.


You need pro to see more than just your number one listener. Without pro, you can just see your number one.


Forum members have clicked LIKE 86,000 times so far.


I’ve given 1.2k likes and received 1.2k likes. I also have (almost, 17 plays away) 1.2k plays on one of my tracks.

I think not. :smirk:


I thought you said “I almost have 17 plays”. LOL.

Such a braggart. :rofl::joy:

(Who uses the word “braggart” nowdays, I mean, really)


I am not a braggart lol :joy:


You big braggart.

Report back when you hit 20 plays!

Because, statistics.


TIL there’s an Auxy wiki



Fun Fact: The longest time I’ve spent on a song is one of my least liked amd listened to


Rip hard work

a d d W U B W U B S


Who has made the most topics on the forum? @MisterMaster Is it you?



@DJ_La_Rocca has created the most topics across all time.

Didn’t realise that.


What? Really?


Fun fact @MisterMaster’s new logo is top notch


Thanks. I quite like it.

Did anyone notice that @official_ivo is now labelled as a janitor too!

Yeah baby, this is the cleanest forum in the world!


I don’t know if this is just me but I’ve one two back to back BTCs