Post weird/interesting auxy statistics/facts below


Yep, now I know I have an addiction to this forum, lmao


In the latest update, Auxy 5, compression was either removed or minimized


i have never been noticed by lenberg and have never placed in a btc, yet have over 1000 plays

o o f


I said that I would release a track a month, but have already broken that promise :upside_down_face:


L E G E N D A R Y ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ S A N A B ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ L E G E N D A R Y


I have been posting auxy songs to my soundcloud since August of 2016
Southborne and I supported each other a whole lot throughout the year of 2016
My profile got a burst of popularity when my collab with bon got reposted in February 2017
A second burst of popularity when a BTC entry got shortlisted
I purchased my first soundpack, the vivrant one, around April
I posted my second collab with Hum4n01d in around May, that got pretty popular
I joined the Auxy disco on June 22nd
I posted a collab with Hexx called "Retaliate"
I was involved in numerous megacollabs throughout Fall
I joined several music discord servers, including Ascension Feedback Server in November
Over Christmas break, I released a song with freeform. collective, which is almost at 1k plays atm
In January of this year, I made eXodus Chamber/, a collective inspired by freeform.
Today, I joined Auxy’s amino page, which will hopefully blow up


• I was never reposted by Auxy
And I got a new one too.
•I showed my friend my Spotify in school one day. The next day, my entire class knows me.


~I was never reposted by Auxy
~Auxy never gave a like on any of my songs
~I have never used freak in any of my songs
~I want to make lo-fi…but i dont know how
~My most liked and listened track “Trip”. I dont like it it sounds weird lol.
It has 9 reposts 20 likes and 252 listens. I cant understand how this is my best song lol
~I use logic but i want to switch to ableton


Loool. Thats the good thing about making music i told few of my friends about spotify.
Now in the school when everyone sees me they say.Ohhh yusuf you are really rich and famous right? :slight_smile: . And oh my god i understood that most of the girls are fame and gold diggers.


Lots of lowpass and reverb on drums ;3

If you need help I’d be able to try. Also, @blackocean is way better at it than me and he’d be your best bet for obtaining some assistance as well ^w^

Also, there’s always Frankjavcee to teach you (language warning)


I really need help. I cant get that vintage sound of lo-fi right on auxy.
How do you achieve that?


What do you mean “vintage”? Not all lo-fi has to sound like it’s being played from a vinyl record. didn’t really sound like that but it’s a fantastic example of a lo-fi song.

also my own song didn’t really have that either shameless self promotion


Yeah i love broken glass and you are right it doesn’t have that. But in broken glass
he made the piano loop sound sound like it was looping with a little bit stutter.
I don’t know i think that made it sound like lo-fi.
Can you make a quick example project and send it to me?
Btw lets pm so this thread will not be filled with off-topic stuff.
Show me Da Way of Loe Fai


I made a song in 35 minutes, didn’t post ift for a month, idk


I have never been reposted by Auxy
I have the premium
Im working on at least two new tracks :smirk::smirk:
Draw your own conclusions beyond that :joy:


Auxy has listened to my music twice and liked it once


Confirmed. She IS some sort of legend :joy:


Just found this one out today: Auxy is my number two all-time listener




Awesome! Who is your number one? Lenberg?