Post weird/interesting auxy statistics/facts below


Thanks so much!


Na, you don’t need wubs. I won without using them.


I was joking lol


Ya, I sorta knew


Oh well let’s stop clogging up this thread


Fact: I am really good at derailing threads


I’m good at derailing anything lol


Some cool facts here


I am known for working fast, I usually have a melody idea in my mind whenever a BTC comes around to assist with this so I’m not fumbling trying to make something. Then I just mesh what is required to fit it xD


Exactly. It’s unfortunate that isn’t always the case. I’m not going to perpetuate the cycle anymore though. Keep it up!


Thanks man! You too.


Wow, that’s a cool video!


Disco stats:

I’m pretty sure I’m the fastest growing auxy account.



This is what happens when you make an album and don’t post anything on soundcloud.

btw new album on itunes, spotify, google play store etc. on Feb 5nd kthxbye

@Aviomusic Listens to my music. Like alot. (Imma send you a free copy of my new album)
And my mom comes in 3rd place for top listeners.


I’ve never been noticed by lenpai.

I’ve never been liked/reposted by lenpai

It’s 11:34 PM

I’d love for other soundpacks to come out soon.


I have never been noticed by lenberg
I have never been noticed by anybody
I have never uploaded a track


I think I see the problem here


How did you even get 1000 plays on that? You must be some kind of legend.

1000 PLAYS?!?!


:woman_shrugging: :joy: I’m no legend dude, but thanks :slight_smile:


Most likes given in this forum so far: @NEWNAMES (now: @AntarcticStars)

Most likes received in this forum so far: @NotMiles


W o w