Post weird/interesting auxy statistics/facts below


Trust me I’ve tried


That’s exactly what I try to do, but it sticks out like a bad haircut.


;~; I cri

Lol. Anyway, another fact is that I also hated EDM and never actually wrote it until about… 6 months after using auxy extensively? xD


But bad haircuts are the best ;3


But what about if you’re a cat




My very first legit Auxy track (posted when Auxy 4 was current) was made using the original version of Auxy on my iPad 2, because my phone had been confiscated


Another fact: The most plays on a song that wasn’t noticed at all by the Auxy Squad (or a bot) is my remix of Kleuren with 997. The most likes is Pastel City with 54.


Also each of my followers has played my tracks approximately 3 times -_-


You’ll be noticed in time, keep up with the work on your songs and i’m confident you’ll be getting there. You got the follow, you’ve won a BTC twice (pretty sure you won on both 24 and placed in 25) you can do it ^w^


Fun Fact: I’ve only entered 3 btc challenges


That’s really sweet of you man, that type of support is what the Auxy community needs. No toxicity, just support and positivity.


lol same


Have you won or placed in any of them?


Ya, how do you do them so fast? Those things take me all weekend, lol.


I won the Star Wars remix one. Only time I made the shortlist.


How bout you?


I think I came realllly close on BTC #10, but other than that no


If I had wubbed it I would’ve made the shortlist xD


I bet when they start doing BTCs again, you’ll make the shortlist!