Post weird/interesting auxy statistics/facts below


I’ll kick it off.

~I’ve never been reposted by Phluze
~Singularity has more than 890 wubs

Post yours below!


77% of every song I have were inspired by the sound of very thick, dark bass, using “Flag.”


I used Auxy in the shower


~I’ve never been noticed by lenpai save for a like on a joke song and a collab I barely had anything to do with
~I’m regarded as the best “epic” remixer of the auxy community. @Produk and @aUstin_Haga can testify to this ;3
~They call me “Speedy Gonzales” for how fast I finish my BTC entries

Ok that last one may not be 100% true concerning the name xD


Lenberg hasn’t noticed me either :frowning:


This is not weird, in fact this is below the Produk average


Auxy officially taught me de wae


The meme is dead it has been reviewed by behind the meme stop using it


? I was referring to my track




Yes, not any specific Sonic character version that is from Uganda :uganda:


I don’t care we don’t use dead normie memes on this forum


Ok let’s stop clogging the thread


~my 1000 play track was made without headphones (my brother broke mine)
~I don’t have premium
~my first track was pure five mins of ear pain (taken down)
~I used to hate EDM and I thought Auxy was ‘too hard’ (I was so stupid)


Bow is the only OG sound that I’ve never used in a song.


:0 Boi you better get on that! Bow is amazing!


It’s kinda weird that I’ve used Bumble and Marble, but never Bow. I don’t really like the way it sounds.


It never fit my music




How dare you? D: bow fits any song! You just gotta turn up that shape


Haha still no