Post links to free samples here!

I need this.

If anybody’s looking for copyright free samples I’d recommend checking out

I just found a bunch of samples I needed there. I searched with the options .wav and “Creative Commons 0” (Public domain) and got some for some tracks.

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Patrick Star is here to save this thread with some vocal chop/quote samples.

There is a huge thread of free samples over on the Audiobus forum.

Which led to this…

Ooh la la. Mount Kimbie.
Download. Download. Download. …


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That’s where I get al of mine haha

Spent some time this morning grabbing a range of stuff. :+1:

Wish there was a way to bulk download, rather than grabbing them one by one, when there are 100+ in each profile. (If there is, I missed it.)

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Whenever I press download it comes to this, I’m confused

Tbh, it’s not something I tend to do on my iOS devices.
If I’m trawling for sounds, I use my laptop.

Maybe someone who’s more familiar with moving sound files around on iOS can help, such as @iammane.


AFAIK you cannot do this, thank Apple’s walled garden :slight_smile:

I’ve been avoiding sample sites for this very reason, using iOS only there is no good way that I know of to get samples from a website to Files/Auxy direct, or even an app like AudioShare. You’d need a computer to save that file and then upload to or wherever you could grab it on iOS (Dropbox, etc etc).

iOS only production is challenging. Mobile production. Is. Challenging :slight_smile:

assuming most of these are safe downloads? im terrible with computers so i wouldnt know

I cut up about 151 dubsteppy sounds
You can download them from here


If anybody is willing to pay for a subscription to get their samples, Splice Sounds has a huge library of high quality samples.

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I see that oof

u see nothing

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  1. Go here

  2. Click download on one of the soundpacks(Any will do)

  3. Enter your email, no other sign up, passwords, or anything is required. (Make one up if you don’t wanna insert your personal)

  4. Click download on any of the soundpacks, it will download a zip folder full of .wav files.

  5. Import to google drive, then Icloud

  6. Enjoy


Hey, does anyone know where to find some space-y or sci-fi kinda noises?

I made a song with one of the samples from cymatics! Their stuff is gr8

(here’s the song by the way

Anywho I might make a sample pack myself one of these days just full of silly sound effects and stuff, we’ll see. I have a very vocal cat so I can make a sample pack full of various meows from her lol