Post links to free samples here!

Ive honestly been thinking about it😂

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Free sample pack (and Ableton Drum Kit) available for the classic '80s LinnDrum drum machine.

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Free sample pack (and Ableton Drum Kit) available for classic Roland TR-707 drum machine.

…used in many early/classic and acid house tracks.

Famous users include…

Aphex Twin
Laurent Garnier
Luke Vibert
Freddy Fresh
Phil Collins
Marshall Jefferson
Joe Smooth

How do i enable iCloud? i know it says it in the first link but the way it describes it doesn’t match what im seeing so can someone help me?

it takes too long to download one on my iPod touch

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I made some tracks with Teamfortress 2 character voices which you can download freely from Tf2 official wiki .
I’m not sure about the license, but at least you can enjoy by yourself, like creating Medic pack, Engineer pack, or something like that…

Are you still having trouble importing sounds?

Yes. Can you help me out?

Sure. Let’s solve via dm

Free library of music samples and loops . Also you can find sound effects.

Happy belated 808 day y’all!


I’ve used these samples in a couple of my songs, they’re really useful for me

Just noticed this entire thread. Well, this is very useful xD

Also, this is a huge collection of retro drum machines. Almost 5 GB.

Not sure why I didn’t look into this sooner, but the app Documents by Readdle will allow you to download audio to your device via a built in web browser with download functionality. Was just testing it on my phone, it’s really going to be about a thousand times better on the iPad but the good news is it looks totally free and seems to work pretty well (as a test I grabbed a break beat from Phatso’s Drum palace or whatever, worked just fine). You’ll still need something to convert to appropriate format in some cases but hey, at least you don’t need a computer to do all this stuff.

Now the million dollar question - AudioShare USED to have a web browser built in for this same purpose, but Apple made the dev remove it. Why does Readdle get a pass? :face_with_monocle:


LANDR just released a free sample pack from softcoresoft.

From Montreal-based DJ and producer softcoresoft comes a collection of acid-soaked basslines and hypnotic minimal percussion. Get squelchy analog basses and rave-ready kicks doused in late-night ambience and speaker pumping crunch.

Check out the rest of the free packs at:


I usually go to this website all the time, I think? And it’s THE best free samples website I found in my entire life. It’s where the dream is. ->

  • Find a pack of your choice & check it out

  • Click download (nothing is allowed. Only a single tap)

  • When the pack is downloaded, press the zip folder on files

  • Enjoy your new samples!

You should go there, I swear. For noobies or people who don’t have imported samples, then go to the link in the post, thx. :wink: [EDIT: forgot to say this: If you don’t have the subscription, then your not lucky. If you need to get em, you’ll need to buy the premium subscription because it allows importing samples. Thx & I’ll see you soon!


Community Drive from Native Instruments (for use with Native Access for desktop DAWs).

Free samples, loops and synth presets from artists including Sia, Junkie XL, Peaches, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, BT.

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