Post links to free samples here!

Dang, I don’t see an option to save to Files :frowning: using iPhone though wonder if the iPad is different… this has been one of my biggest pet peeves with iOS if I can get this working you’re a total champ :crown:

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Not sure if this has been said yet but WA PRODUCTIONS has a whole page of free samples

I wonder how long it will be before someone in the Auxy creates a song with the ‘yanny laurel’ sample and then the entire community argues about what they hear

I hear laurel :joy:


Love them! Thanks so much


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Ive honestly been thinking about it😂

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Free sample pack (and Ableton Drum Kit) available for the classic '80s LinnDrum drum machine.

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Free sample pack (and Ableton Drum Kit) available for classic Roland TR-707 drum machine.

…used in many early/classic and acid house tracks.

Famous users include…

Aphex Twin
Laurent Garnier
Luke Vibert
Freddy Fresh
Phil Collins
Marshall Jefferson
Joe Smooth

How do i enable iCloud? i know it says it in the first link but the way it describes it doesn’t match what im seeing so can someone help me?

it takes too long to download one on my iPod touch

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I made some tracks with Teamfortress 2 character voices which you can download freely from Tf2 official wiki .
I’m not sure about the license, but at least you can enjoy by yourself, like creating Medic pack, Engineer pack, or something like that…

Are you still having trouble importing sounds?

Yes. Can you help me out?

Sure. Let’s solve via dm

Free library of music samples and loops . Also you can find sound effects.

Happy belated 808 day y’all!


I’ve used these samples in a couple of my songs, they’re really useful for me