Post links to free samples here!

Post your .wav samples here so others can use them!

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Post your OWN ORIGINAL sample packs here


Let’s use this thread for posting links to any free .wav samples… and…


I’m planning on making some sample pack thingos for you guys, so keep them eyes
p e e l e d


Will they be free?


Cool, I can’t wait.
By the way is boredom samples 1 out? I didn’t get the link for it

Oh, lol, there isn’t a Boredom pack 1. I made a duplicate by accident and it was named Boredom Pack 2


Here are the sounds if anyone wants them.
This is my first time making samples, so a few of them are a bit off

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Always worth dumpster diving on

How about links to non-free samples?

not mine

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Anime vocal one shots :joy: :raised_hands:t3:

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Just realised how similar both of our samplepacks are

i just found them on youtube

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Might be worth adding the source/legality of the samples you’re posting for those that care about that sort of thing.


its from

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How do I get these into Auxy

you gotta put the sounds in ICloud/Auxy/Samples

I’m sure there are other ways, but this is how you do it using the Drive App

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