Post links to commercial samples here!

Not the best but

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Most of the stuff I’ve seen on Freesound is some form of Creative Commons or Public Domain - i.e. not commercial.

It’s kinda in the name, no?

Just grabbing this one as I type…
(Heads up to @DHO, also)

13 volumes of PureMagnetik’s keyboard sample packs, available for $19.99 (usually $139) for this week.

Set up for use in Ableton, Logic and Kontakt, but the raw multi-sample WAVs can work well in Auxy too.

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Nice! Thanks for sharing. I seriously might have to pick that up! :+1:

How is it?

Haven’t tried it out in Live yet, but I’ve had a quick sniff through the sample/WAVs folders.
Plenty to play with.

Check out the sample audio on each package page. :+1:

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Did you grab this’ll? The offer’s still on.

Lots of great stuff in there. It’ll make me get my Ableton on again, to get the best out of them, but I’m also interested to see how using these Rhodes Mk 1 & 2 within Auxy changes my sound.

I like Auxy’s Vintage Keys pack, but it lacks real range and texture, imo.
These PreMagnetik packs sound juicy, imo.

Heck, for $20, it’s worth taking a punt.
You’ve got a couple of Rhodes, a bunch of Mellotron, and a bunch of other stuff, including a couple of your beloved Clavs… :wink:

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Haven’t got it yet but I realt want it. They work with Kontakt, right?

All the packs are available for Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic.
You have access to all of them when you purchase, and you just download whichever one for your preferred DAW.

Each DAW pack also contains all the RAW samples.


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Nice. I’ll probably grab them today. :+1:

I actually noticed this a few months ago. The Vintage Keys pack doesn’t have any real classic Rhodes instrument. They sound more Wurly to me.

This why I mentioned having a good Mk 1 pack. While I agree that Vintage Keys was likely an attempt at it, it lacks a lot of the breadth that makes the Rhodes so great and so alluring.

Problem is, there are so few users discerning enough to give a sh*t, that another attempt at something Rhodes-like, is probably waaay down any list.

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Gotta agree.

Do you know how long this deal is on? I have to go somewhere in a few minutes and won’t be able to pick it up until later today

The email during the week said ‘this week’. Didn’t give a specific closing date.

You’re likely to be ok, as it’s much more likely that, as it’s still on today, they’ll keep it up for the rest of the weekend.

(This is not a guarantee.) :wink:

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wait hold up what is kontakt

Native Instruments massive sampler VST.

NI is great stuff

Just bought it. What a deal! Gonna test them out soon

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o ok

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$39.00 $9.99 Sale

Valid until (including) Saturday 28th April.

$99.00 $10.00 Sale

It includes…

Designed natively for Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic, Electronic Impressions is a grab bag of 9 Packs handpicked by Puremagnetik to give you a quick leap into electronic music production. Whether you are producing techno, dubstep, house or synthwave, Electronic Impressions has been tailored to provide a full palette of production-ready sounds to get you going.

It includes Analog Bass Volume 1, Analog Bass Volume 2, Juniper Part 2, Infinite Spaces, Digital Beatboxes, FM Drums, Vintage '80s Classics, Mark Two Berlin and Analog Drums.

• Over 3GB of Sounds
• 9 Expertly Programmed Packs
• Thousands of Samples
• Ableton Push Ready
• Kontakt KSP Easy-Edit Interfaces