Post Epic Songs With Drum Fills

Just post songs with cool drum fills. I love drum fills.:laughing:

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I’ll be adding to this soon :joy::ok_hand: got an upcoming song with some noice fills

2 Likes this song uses a really nice organic drum kit, sounds live recorded to me

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Yay! Drum fills!

I would post my songs but I have beta, so it doesn’t work well, and I don’t have SoundCloud. Yay some drum fills.

My newer stuff should have more epic drum fills than my old stuff. So I’ll hopefully be posting much more in this thread. :smile:

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it has a few good fills

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The fills are alive
Gosh I screw around on auxy so much.

I don’t know if this counts as a drum fill, but I like the drums a 1:38 in my new song,