Post branding, distribution and marketing tips (links & embeds only)


Similar to the Post writing and production tips thread, this thread is for us to share found videos, articles, insights, analysis, etc… about branding, releasing, distribution, marketing, building audiences, profile/career promotion and development.

…basically, the stuff that happens once you’ve finished the music.

Anyone here can add a post, for any genre.

(I’ll move some relevant posts from the other thread here.)

How to Submit to Record Labels
Where should I promote my music?
We need to fix the forums!

This guy is a bit low-energy, but the info’s useful…

A 'Release & Distribution' category?
How Often Do You

Yeah, I agree. John Sine isn’t really good for production tips and tutorials. He is good for a look into the life of a producer.

(No offense to any john sine fans)


How To Get On A Playlist: The 8 Step Guide To Doing It Yourself


LANDR Blog: How To Release An Album: The 10 Step Music Distribution Checklist

LANDR Blog: 5 Tips To Avoid Ruining Your Mix With Muddy Sound

A Call For Questions

Free Ebook from LANDR…

The No-Bull**** Musican’s Guide to DIY Self-Promotion



Table of contents [Click to zoom]


Episode of the Jon Sine Vlog in which he talks about the mechanics of releasing with / without labels, and also how to promote effectively.


Is my Label an EPIC FAIL? & How to Promote Effectively

Description includes links for Demo submissions for his labels, as well as Track Submissions for feedback.

Good Places to get Exposure?

More from Jon Sine…

How to Get your Music on BIG Spotify Playlists - This got Me 3 Million Streams!


+ Here’s a PDF on the same subject c/o CDBaby…

Getting Your Songs on Spotify Playlists: A streaming success guide for DIY musicians (PDF, 1.7MB)



Musicians, there is no “next level”: It’s all about setting specific goals


Music Related Goals for 2018?
Should I stop composing?

How to Make It in the new Music Business
A talk on the subject at last year’s CD Baby DIY Musician CON 17

There’s a book…

…and an audiobook on Audible (link).


More from Ari Herstand.
Bit long-winded, but worth listening to.


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Worth watching, even though this won’t be news to some here…

Effectively he’s saying…
If you’re directly self-releasing and don’t have sufficient reach/plans to do good promotion, your music is very unlikely to achieve anything – and could possibly do more harm than good.

He goes on to state that good promoters are likely only to work with label setups.

Bottom line seems to be that it’s the promotional activity that makes most/all the difference.


A while back, I was invited to release a certain track through his sineUP sub-label. I decided not to, but I’m wondering whether it’s worth trying to see what happens – especially as he’s organised that sub-label better now.


On a related note (to the previous post)…