Post any tips for writing melodies, chords, basslines, etc. here!


I sometimes struggle with making creative-sounding melodies, and I’m sure a lot of you feel that way too, so I want to make a place for people to share tips, tricks, and examples for melody-writing!

(You can post tips about melodies, chords, white noise, basslines, and anything else that applies to writing music in Auxy.)

Have fun!


Personally, I like starting with chords, then layering in a simple melody, then slowly making it more complex. I sometimes add drums, but sometimes there’s no need for any drums. It depends on what type of track I’m making.


Have you seen this thread?


Yeah, I saw it, but that one is links and embeds only. I want one where people can openly write their own tips on melody writing.


Tbh, as the OP on that other thread, I’d rather have community tips posted separately from that thread, so crack on (here)… :wink:


Alright, thanks!


Well these are FL Studio or other DAW tips:

  1. Open up your plugin (VST plugins are the best for FL :grin:)

2)Make some presets for yourself

  1. S A V E

4)Edit the them for your track

  1. add effects

6 Add OTT

  1. Here ya go man :wink: