Possibly the longest song made on Auxy?

I created a chill song that is 10:00 long. I hope you like it. Have you heard a song this long made on auxy🤔



Yes it is long but people have made longer. Well done still🤙🏼

oh really. who made longer ones.

Me, it was 17 minutes of pure silence

oh haha. yeah I like that song. it is very silent

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I cant remember who did it but a long time ago someone did. It was quite boring

is mine boring?

Heh ill be honest i didnt listen to every second. I did skip around on it a bit. But it still was great!

yeah haha. it is a long song. it is really meant for someone who just wants to chill out when they have a lot of time. glad you liked it.

Exactly what i thought🙂 You have a nice day

Nice :+1:

A ten minute song really stretches the listener’s attention span. If you keep it repetitive, they’ll likely shut it off after about 2 minutes. Keep it shorter, pro tip :slight_smile:


I mean when I had the feels In the making of the song I knew It was going to be long. my goal was to make it ten minutes. it was supposed to be progressively long, because it is a chill out song. Of course ten minutes is long for a song but I wanted to be a little different and create a different style. before I made this I was listening to a lot of progressive songs, it made me want to make something that felt like what this song makes me feel. I understand the length was long but in my situation this is what I wanted to do. honestly I encourage others to do this also. it made me really think about it and it was a learning experience that I really enjoyed. It got me out of my comfort zone and helped my enjoy creating music a little more.

And you accomplished that. You did a great job at being urself

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True, but this song isn’t that repetitive, there’s quite a lot of movement happening; like subtle changes and automation. This is a job well done for a chill out song. Great for setting the mood in the background while you do other things and also great for 100% relaxing, closing your eyes and letting the vibes take you.


Thanks dude!

I can’t seem to find your sound cloud link in your bio. You should put it there so people can listen to some of your stuff. i.e. Me

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I was close to make a 9 minute trap song, but it…destroyed my storage, so I deleted it; oh well. ¯_(ツ)_/¯