Possible Solo Commissions?

I might start making solos for people for money. I don’t know if it’s against any rules, so I’m asking first. I need some money so I can go out with friends and save for college for when the virus is gone, and I think I’m pretty good with making solos. HMU on discord with the project link and style you want me to do, as well as the length. This does not include collabs, and it will be a low price. Probably just like a dollar for 1 minute or something.

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You know what’s outside? CORONA! So I think you should do it on twitch.

Me and my friends like to hang out at Wendy’s after school, because it’s in walking distance. We also like eating, so I need to save to hang out with them again when the virus is over.



I guess you could open a fiverr gig. Like fr. If theres a page for it there then I guess you can


I’m with cursed on this one. There’s not a problem with posts like these, personally, but I think your audience is EXTREMELY LIMITED here, and many people don’t have the means to pay anything, for various reasons. I can’t imagine any kind of commission thread here being very utilized.


What about this: “watch me do a gig on twitch. PayPal me!” Or something like that, I think.