Possible Auxy VST?

An issue I have with the way Auxy exports to Ableton is that I get sound files and midi of the tracks, but I can’t tweak and mix the actual sounds in Ableton. It would be REALLY nice if there was a plug-in that allowed me to bring Auxy’s sounds into other DAWs somehow so my workflow would be even more streamlined and things would be mad epic


Dude that would be phenomenal


Couldnt agree more! Feels a bit unrealistic to expect it anywhere soon though. But an idea is to try to pick a wave table VST like serum or pigments and colab on trying to make close enough presets that we can share

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This is something that needs to happen. I’ll buy an Auxy VST the day it’s released!


As a VST, imo, the only thing that has distinct value is the workflow and sequencer. If you’re in a DAW that can handle VSTs, then using Auxy’s internal sounds probably isn’t the optimal choice.

That said, there may already be DAW-based plugin tools that come close® to the Auxy workflow than the general DAW workflows.

I would disagree here, in that Auxy’s sounds seem to have been curated and refined to a degree for ease of sound matching/layering. It’s a big reason Auxy is such a pleasure to produce with. With a VST version people wouldn’t need to hunt down similar sounding presets in their VST’s that never quite sound the same or match as well, nor would they need to start learning about sound design to get their sounds to mix and match well. They could just use what works and what is familiar to them.

Having a VST with all the Auxy sounds and controls but usable directly in a DAW would improve the production of a lot of Auxy users, and of course would generate a lot of extra revenue for the Auxy developers.

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I agree with you!!

Each to their own. It’s great that you really appreciate the sounds and thought that go into the Auxy sound packs.

Personally, as someone who spends more than they really should on VST libraries, I consider the tracks I create using good VSTs to sound ‘next level’ compared to what I can squeeze out of Auxy’s sounds alone.

(That said, Ive found myself moving away from the kind of genres that Auxy’s mostly aimed at, so that’s possible why I feel the gaps are starting to really open up between Auxy sound packs and VSTs created for DAWs.)

If there was any combo I’d wish for, it would be for Auxy (iOS) to support VSTs and AU3s.

The convenience of iOS, the workflow of Auxy*, and the freedom of VST instruments… Dayum! It would really blow the lid off.

* + a certain few of those features that keep getting requested.

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