Positivity in this Place

Hey guys! Hope everyones having an amazing day so far! Ok so, I’ve been noticing one amazing thing in this forum more than any other. Positivity. The amount of kind and generous posts is unbelievable. I dont know but if i were a developer i would DEFINATELY be proud of that. So i think we all need to support it more as auxy grows. Positivity is the best thing ever. And when people come together, meet each other, and create something… there are no words to describe how amazing that is. I want that to stay here. Im surprized barely anyone curses or swears here. We as a community, need that to stay.

So my point is, we need to support it more. Whenever someone posts a song, even if its complete trash or totally not your style, you still need to tell them they did a good job and that maybe they can correct things on it. You should never be negative in a great place like this. So you get the point, just be nice and lets keep it that way. I will see you all later and as always Keep ina Rockin🤙🏼


Couldn’t agree more. No forum needs haters trolling on one another. As far as feed back… Yes for sure keep it positive, but challenge yourself to think why you like something. Not just, cool song brah! Find specifics, “love how the drum builds and then blatblat hits in heavy!”, Or, “dang kid, the way you used hyena or lobster, dang didn’t even know those sounds could blend to make this.” It will not only help the person who posted, but also help you. Challenge yourself to listen with fresh ears. To think about details. The devils in the details, but that’s why we are all able to take 50+? Instruments and put out such drastically unique songs. Never underestimate the realm of possibilities.


Yes, I am glad everyone is so nice around here!


Guys, I’m not very good at being super positive and I tend to get into arguments easily, so I’m sorry for any times that I have been too negative and I would love to make this the amazing, positive, Auxy forum that it should be. I will most likely be stepping away from most general topics for a while, and will hope that you guys are enjoying this place of interaction and hype for future Auxy updates. So, farewell for now, and keep on making great Auxy-related posts!


@aUstin_Haga, I just wanna say that your new profile pic is extra lit


Oh yeah mr krabs


I just wanted to apologize to anyone I’ve been negative to them on this forum. I’ve been going through some stress lately, which is not a valid excuse for this kind of behavior. I will work on having a more positive outlook in the near future. Please forgive me. :disappointed:


That is one of the reasons why I chat on this forum: positivity. :smiley: