Porter Robinson + Madeon - Shelter (Remake) (No vocals)

There are no vocals in this, or any of the vocal chops. (I ran out of space lol)
Tell me what you guys think!

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It’s amazing! I’m a huge Porter Robinson fan, and this is the song that got me into him.

Bruh why the revive

Cause he’s a huge Porter Robinson fan.

No problem with that, especially as it means the OP’s effort gets shown some love, even if the track is long since finished or dead.

It’s not a problem if old threads get revived from time to time.


In fact, I don’t quite see where a thread revive is ever really a bad thing… unless the topic being discussed is truly outdated or obsolete. It’s not as though the forum is overwhelmingly teeming with activity anyway without breathing a bit of new life into an old thread. :wink: