POP - Helixx [electro house] - What’s your favorite popcorn flavor

My new song POP is out now


Also the question of the day is what’s your favorite popcorn flavor. My favorite flavor is original.

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movie theatre is best :100::100:

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Could you fix the link please?


Kettle corn

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It tastes great but it’s bad for you

Thanks for the fix

Salted caramel my nizzle


Popcorn flavor.

me 2

Masala popcorn. Gives a nice kick.

OOOO never heard that before

Extra Butter. Needs to be good and buttery.

i like butter but not too much

Me too. I don’t need my popcorn to be 99% Butter 1% popcorn

ye whenever i have too much butter i feel like im going to have a heart attack

When I have too much butter, it just starts to taste a bit milky.