[POLL] Should I try to release music weekly

I’ve been sorta stuck and haven’t posted songs for a while. I was just wondering what you guys think. Should I spend as long as it takes to make a good song or try to release songs more frequently?

  • Try to release music weekly
  • Take time to perfect songs

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The only value I can think of for focussing on a weekly release schedule would be as a creative challenge.

Those ‘one photograph / one illustration per day’ creators tend to create a lot of very mediocre stuff, but there is an audience who are interested in that challenge / process / journey.

Now, this is a perfectly legitimate approach for an Artist to take. The process / journey becomes the piece of work, not the music / photograph / illustration itself. The thing they will be remembered for (if at all) will be the process. They are less likely to create any individually outstanding pieces of music.

If you’re aiming to create music that people will remember, then working towards quality is a better bet, than working towards quantity.

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that you can change your process any time you want. You can use different processes at different times.

Some creators find that rapidly creating things in the early part of their development helps them grow more rapidly. Once they’ve spent some time ‘creating without thinking’*, they can stop, understand the work and themselves, and move forward more purposefully with a new process centred on making each piece the best (version of itself) that it can be.

* Working fast and iteratively is a common - and legitimate - technique for this.


Don’t rush a song to complete it. Sometimes it can take hours, days weeks or months to complete one song! Quality is better than quantity. But my theory. If you can have many quality songs. Why not release regularly? I can sometimes make 3 tracks in 1 week each of good quality. If you have an idea and u like it. Stick to it


it usually takes me 7-12 days to cook up a good song, but do what fits you best. But I recommend quality over quantity.

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It depends on how you want to handle things. I’d recommend trying to get a bunch of songs of quality done well and then upload them weekly or bi-weekly while you work on other songs. A schedule is very valuable, but making songs that are good is just as important.

Side note there’s no such thing as a “perfect” song, as perfection is subjective but I digress. I’d personally recommend the goal of a song is to be something you’re both happy and satisfied with.


Pfft. I only post like twice a month. Take your time.

Actually I’ve been stressed about the same thing! I haven’t posted a song in a month. But, learning how to make music takes time-something you might not have lator if it’s a career your working on.

Plus the pros aren’t producing songs every week which gives me courage-even they take time to perfect songs.

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Yeah I meant perfecting as in making a song. The best t can be

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I know what you meant. But take it from experience, sometimes that isn’t the best way to compose. If you struggle with things to the point where you aren’t happy trying to make it the best it can be, that’s when you should change. I’ve made mistakes like that in the past that I never want to repeat.

Maybe not at first. And some will always stand out as better than others. You might have a gem amongst the mediocre. But I think I know what you meant. :wink::+1:(tm aka)

My opinion…
I think it’s important to be able learn to move on to the next song, from my own experience. I could fiddle with them forever and never put anything out.

As with learning any skill, you have to put the time in. So it depends on what skills you want to work on at the moment. Creative output, fine tuning and polishing, promotion, something else? It’s not one or the other. But the amount of quality time put in matters and there is only so much time available. So what do you want to accomplish right now? No big deal.