[POLL] NYC's Fourth Track To His EP

I honestly have no idea what my fourth track should be. Can you help me out?

  • Finished Version of BTC 14
  • Finished Version of BTC 15
  • Finished Version of BTC 16
  • Something Else

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Voting ends next Sunday, the 24th.

BTC 14: https://soundcloud.com/nyc-official/auxy-o-beat-the-clock-14
BTC 15: https://soundcloud.com/nyc-official/auxy-o-beat-the-clock-15
BTC 16: https://soundcloud.com/nyc-official/auxy-o-beat-the-clock-16

Can you post links to the BTC’s you are considering as some of us (me) haven’t heard them?

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all of them

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You like polls.


No comment. xD


trying to remember the challenge for BTC 14, can’t exactly remember though. Wasn’t it harmonic minor? Or was that 15?

14 was harmonic minor @Southborne
15 was dollar subway runner kiss @stereofield

In the end I have to say do something original. All these songs are fantastic but for an album I think something completely different would be much cooler. If you do have constraints my pick for the remix would be 14, as I am a music theory junkie and love harmonic minor x3

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