[Poll] New Logo (OsharuPerez) (Closed)

Which one of these logos looks best to you, and why?

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Best? #1

Great? Tbh, #4 (none of the above)



So, are you saying that I shouldn’t have a logo?

With all due respect, these look horrible.

May I suggest hiring somebody… https://www.fiverr.com/


i reccomend using a b & w image for a logo so you can layer + blend it into cover art easily


No, just that you shouldn’t go with any of those.
I simply don’t think any of those are good enough and might only damage your credibility.

Have you thought about not having a ‘logo’, but maybe just having your name in a stylish/interesting typeface?
…at least, until a good logo concept comes to mind.

I’m a designer, and even I didn’t want to get bogged down by trying to capture everything or something essential about my music in a single logo, so I took the easier route and found a typeface that I liked that I thought would convey the right mood or style. Sometimes I tweaked it by cutting the letters about a little, just to make it a little more unique, as with Heathen AKA.
Other times I didn’t, as with aka Clavin and Grand Narrows.

All of these are basically available typefaces with relatively little tweaking.



Typeface: Butler Stencil Light (tweaked) - Free


Typeface: Belluga



Typeface: Witchcraft Medium


Sometimes, simple is better.

Btw, you know the poll is broken, right?


Yeah, I understand…
The poll is broken because I’m “not allowed to make polls”, according to the forum…
Can’t really do anything about it…

Gotta go with @akabillposters and @blakkaz on this one, a typeset logo wouldn’t be bad. I have a white on black and black on white one I haven’t used yet, but I’m happy with it and it’s there when I need it.

You could get someone to make you a nice logo for a nominal fee on a site like fiverr. My brother has had good success using it for other things.


Legal things I hope?.. :joy:

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Oh jeez, what’s your opinion on my logo? Is it horrible?


shots fired
Maybe give some feedback on them instead?

that’s just text though, it’s best to have either a symbolic logo or text in an original handmade font. If you write your name in a word document, it would be more interesting if it was an actual logo. :smiley:


Every logo suggestion you have proposed thus far (old thread included) is for the most part too busy and/or not recognizable enough, especially when it’s being displayed as a half an inch image on someone’s screen (your current logo included).

Try something along the lines of what @anon73773654 is doing. It’s a very distinct logo, and it’s a slight modification on a nice looking font. The colors are not oversaturated, it can go with a lot of different backgrounds / foregrounds, and it’s very iconic.


thanks to the awesomeness of @TXA

glad you find it iconic though :slight_smile:


I was going to help by asking OP to explain his thinking behind each option.

Similarly, I was going to suggest that he start from the beginning, by putting together a list of words to describe various things about his music - to see if any imagery concepts spring up out of that.

But, tbh, I’ve been there, done that. Doesn’t really get taken onboard.
(This is not his first thread on the topic of his logo.)

So, now I just generally stick to piping up when I see someone heading for the rocks (and they’ve asked for input).

that’s just text though, it’s best to have either a symbolic logo or text in an original handmade font.

‘Best’? Says you.
It’s really not “best”. ‘Best’ is whatever conveys the right message. Sometimes that’s a ‘logo’, sometimes it’s a logotype. Sometimes it’s both.

I think it’s most important to have something that looks at least halfway professional.
If developing a meaningful, professional-looking logo is proving too challenging, then you can give yourself a break by starting with a simple logotype that uses a typeface with character.

Then, it’s down to how you set it out within your cover artwork.

Using a simple font-based logotype isn’t a bad thing. It’s relatively easy to make something look ‘professional’ that way. You can throw in a couple of tweaks to make it a little more standout.
Listeners and fans won’t notice/mind that you didn’t use a picture/symbol-based logo. But they will notice if your picture/symbol-based logo looks cheap and poorly made.

Listeners won’t get turned off by a well-made logo that they don’t think is great. But, they will get turned off by anything that looks like it was put together badly. It creates the impression that it’s an amateur musician, so might not be worth listening to.


maybe something simple like this could work?

(yes i know it isnt transparent i have a transparent version)


Well, you want to show that your logo took time and creativity. Yours is a really awesome logotype but IMO it could be more iconic. It’s your choice though, it’s not like your logo is terrible. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s also important that your logo stands out when seen from a small distance. (:notmiles: :ivo: :tornaitj: :sb: :voltt: etc) Even if it’s still text (like IVO’s and the one Voltt made for me), at least it’s a custom font that can be seen easily when printed small. You have a great idea for Heathen AKA’s logo, but it may be a little hard to recognize and easy to copy.

don’t mean to be rude at all, just sharing what i feel xD


Its not so much the logos that dont work, but the colours

the work colours is a link BTW


A few more links to help with colour:

  1. Some are easier to copy than others. Artists generally don’t announce the font used in their logo. If I hadn’t told you what font I’d used, you’d have to do a bit more hunting and/or editing to copy it…

  2. By and large, musicians don’t copy each others logos, but if someone wanted to copy it, then maybe it’s distinct enough.

  3. Copiers gonna copy. People who do copy logos don’t pick ones because they’re easy to copy. They do it because they’re not creative. No one is safe from sh*tty, uncreative people on that score.

Imo, You’re over-stating the importance and value of having a distinct and ‘hard to copy’ logo for musicians.
The overwhelming evidence says that it’s not that important or valuable at all.

Pick any Top 10 chart from any genre, from any week in the last 50 years, and see how many few of them have one.

(I quickly checked the UK Top 10. The list includes Calvin Harris w/ Dua Lipa, Drake, Ariana Grande, Lil Dicky w/ Chris Brown, Marshmello, Post Malone, Anne-Marie, Zedd, Rudimental, Drake,
Of that list, only Marshmello and Anne-Marie used something you’d describe as a logo. Both are easy to copy/mimic with even basic vector design tools.

I also checked out the ‘Massive Dance Hits’ chart on Spotify. Similar sort of breakdown with only a minority using a ‘logo’ – and even fewer using the same ‘logo’ they were using a year or two ago.

As another exercise, check out the last (e.g.) 10 singles or 3 album from your favourite artists. How many of them have a distinct and hard to copy logo and how consistently have they used it?

Heck, I don’t think you could describe the ‘logos’ of your top 10 favourite artists from memory. (Not least because most probably don’t have one.)

If anything, the trend is moving away from even showing the name of the artist on the artwork.


don’t mean to be rude at all, just sharing what i feel xD

No worries. I don’t see it as rude. :slight_smile:
But, still, I’d rather go with the evidence.

Of course, if the artist strongly feels that they want a distinct logo, then they should. It’s part of their creative expression.
But, it’s different to saying that a distinct, ‘hard to copy’ logo is important or valuable from a success perspective.

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TBH, this is why I just use my face.

It’s me, it’s unique. I wouldn’t slap it on album art, and to be honest, I’m not particularly concerned with using the same font for the name on the art (I’m going to use whatever font fits the motif of the art).

I agree with the typeset “logo”, my intention with that is for if on a collab someone is putting a “logo” on there. Frankly, I’d be just as satisfied with someone simply putting “ICS” on the cover in a collab situation (in a font that fits the motif of the art)

To get back to OP’s point - you ever just consider “Osharu”? I think it’s unique, it’s pleasant to say out loud and I think you might have an easier go of a logo or font based “logo” if you need.

FWIW when I google “osharu music” you come up anyway lol…