[Poll] Do You Use the Sweeper?

  • In every track
  • All the time
  • Sometimes
  • Once in a while
  • Never

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More interested in how folks like @AzureOnyx and @DJ_La_Rocca use it as NOT a sweeper tbh


Isn’t all the time the same as in every track?


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Used it for the first time recently in my ‘10-year slump’ track.
Used it as a white noise hi-hat/shaker though, rather than a riser.

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I usually use it as white noise

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In my track memories I used it to sound like the ocean- honestly I thought it sounded pretty good


Read a while ago that it’s the (not-so-) secret sauce in many big name EDM tracks, adding presence to those big chord moments.
(It’s why Silk works well in those moments. Built-in white noise, I’m assuming.)

Hearing the before and after, it definitely works - though I continually forget to add it in those moments in my own pieces. (I’ll have to stop treating it like an afterthought and learn to leave an instrument slot free for white noise in those kinds of tracks.)

I use sweeper as a reverse clap sometimes. Would you like a YouTube tutorial focusing on effects and reverse claps?


Yeah that would be amazing!

Alright. Even tho I did mention these in the “pro tips” video but I will do it again if u guys want