[POLL] Do You Have a Piano?

Anybody here have a real piano?

  • Yes, I have a real piano.
  • I have a keyboard.
  • I’ve got nothing.

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If I had the space for and money for a real piano I’d LOVE to get one. The way my house is laid out I don’t think I’ll ever really have the room for one :frowning:


Not like a full-scale grand piano, but yes.


My fam actually has a keyboard and an actual piano

Been wanting one for a really long time now.

In lieu of a sports car or motorcycle, my big mid-life purchase a couple years back was an old 9’ concert grand that I managed to squeeze into the basement, after banishing a couple other hobbies to the garage. The kids (1,6,10) love it, and I get all the bass and sustain I could ever want.


Real acoustic one. Oh I wish I had at least a baby Grand. The biggest reason I always look forward to my piano classes is because I get to hear that clear Grand Piano voice :raised_hands:t2:

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I have a keyboard. It’s very good at collecting dust.


I went to this random guy’s house that I meet at a park. He was looking for people to jam with, so we did. He played an electric guitar with an amp and I played on his upright piano. After clashing notes like two swordsman for 30+ minutes, I had to leave. Cool dude, he even wanted to give me the piano, :face_with_hand_over_mouth: but I had no were to put it.

I had a keyboard. My mom donated it tho

I have a keyboard, but it’s really junky now lol. The off button doesn’t work, you have to unplug it and then replug it. Pretty sure we’ll throw it out it soon :confused:


I’m fortunate enough to have the space for something like a baby grand, but I don’t have a piano because…

  1. I don’t live in a late-90s, upper-middle class nostalgic fever dream
  2. I don’t live in a Meatloaf video



I’m trying not to read sub-text in that story.
Sounds like a whole lot of metaphor. :wink:


My friends… If you are my friends… turns to camera and says trust no one :joy:

I has got:
2 keyboards
MIDI Keyboard

Lmao oh man. Yes, yes, and… yes :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Fun fact: I’ve seen Meatloaf live. Twice.

I have a routine whenever I go to JB Hifi (electronics store).

  1. Draw on the slick as screens with the new touch pen technology that I can’t afford.

  2. Muck around on the Yamaha pianos.

Lol interesting pick up, rereading I can see how that could be shaped.



YOU should really have both, cause I have both

It’s the “two swordsmen” bit wot dunnit.

Ever considered writing fan-fic? :wink:


I want a keyboard at the very least one day. At least while I’m still at school I have access to pianos xD