Poll: Are you spending money on marketing?

Curious to know who here is actively investing time and money on marketing/advertising their music.

Are you spending time and money on marketing?
  • No, no plans
  • No, but plan to start
  • Yes, time only
  • Yes, time and money

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Yes, I often take advantage of services like Bryder Network for legitimate marketing


What kinda of bumps have you seen?

Generally skeptical of repost networks, as (I suspect) many are generating plays, likes, etc… and worthless follows using vast numbers of bot accounts.

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Yes I would also like to know

Most advertising I’ve done is sharing my stuff on Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and occasionally (very, very rarely) here. Then again, I’m also the kind of person who prefers to save money wherever possible, and hope people will find me on their own (which of course very rarely happens, especially in the case of my music)

love this

Indeed. Was giving him the benefit of the doubt that he wasn’t just being the usual minx. :wink:

This was sarcastic, but I will make the distinction:

Repost network:

  • A service that reposts a track on many accounts
  • Usually big accounts
  • Usually use tools like SCPlanner

“Promotion services”:

  • Bot
  • Bot
  • Fake
  • Bot

While repost networks and “promotion services” are both generally unhelpful ways of growing a genuine, engaging audience, the former is usually legitimate, albeit ineffective in the long run.