Polarzero - polarzero [EP]

"A finale, of sorts. A collection of three new tracks, and some of my favorites. Every song is different, special in its own right. Just like different planets, or different galaxies.

Making music has been a great way for me to explore my creativity, travel the universe that is in my mind. Producing has not been my identity, rather it has been a way for me to explore my identity, and I feel finished. Like I was set on an expedition, and I’ve returned home with more knowledge of my endless mind than I could’ve ever imagined. Music wasn’t an escape, there was never anything for me to escape from. It was just a precipitous voyage. Thank you for joining me on this journey."

Seriously, thank you to this whole community. Auxy is one of my greatest memories, I will never forget it. Also, I’m not leaving the community, I’ll try to stay semi-active on the Auxy Collective, I’m just done making music.


Nice too see you back!