I think it’s crazy how talented you all are! My favorite submission so far is Vision!

Anyways here’s my submission

did you mean to post this somewhere else?

I talked to Connor about this I thought the same thing, it’s a work in progress for something he’s working on. The comment about Vision I believe is regarding a track he’s heard elsewhere, I’m not familiar with it though :frowning:

EDIT: Also, what genre is this? It helps to draw in listeners by letting them know what kind of sound they’re getting into, just a suggestion!

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I feel like i’m causing a lot of confusion… I was just complimenting another song I heard.

That is vision ^

Case closed lol :slight_smile: thanks!

Think about putting even works in progress up somewhere like Soundcloud too so that people who aren’t exclusively using Auxy (or are on a desktop/laptop) can also listen