Poe. - F0yders Music

New song, all feedback is welcome.


Percussion is lit. I enjoy this melody a LOT! Problem is by like 0:45 I’m aleady waiting for something different to happen. It just seems way to repetitive. I mean, I guess I’m not one to talk, but just saying. Still like the song all in all! Fuze sounds tiiiiight! Love those disturbing leads! P good song my boi

Uniqueness: 8/10
Predictability: 6/10
Complexity: 7/10
Use of Instruments/Automation/Samples: 8/10
Feeling: 8/10

Overall: 37/50

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Hey, when you score for “predictability” are you wanting it to be more predictable or less predictable? Which end of 1-10 is least predictable and most predictable. Just something that I’ve been wondering

10 is not predictable. 0 is a sine wave :smiley:

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Oh ok, that’s what I thought

1 is predictable. 10 is off the chat weird

Oh wait, other way

Wait so 10 means totally predictable???

Lol, I forgot. Let’s go with icsleepers

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