POCKETS - Pieter van Boven [Experimental Album]

I didn’t want to rush this album, like I kinda do with other ones. I wanted this to be a lot more thought out. I’ve made my tracks shorter, stuffed with experimentation.
Before I created this, I took a break to gain new ideas. These ideas ended up being short tracks. Pocket tracks with lots of transitions.

POCKETS: https://soundcloud.com/ietervanoven/sets/pockets
Account: https://soundcloud.com/ietervanoven


This is some of the best, most forward thinking stuff I’ve heard out of this app. Obvious comparisons are the more ambient Aphex Twin stuff, this really brings me back to the early 2000’s. I love the art, my only gripe there would be I wish the album title and your name were easier to read and a little bigger. I’m five tracks in and still listening, but so far each has been excellent. The sound is tight, cohesive, the vibe is great.

Not much else for me to say. Liked, followed and I’ve pasted in the AC. Incredible work.

EDIT: TAPES, ZIPPER and POISONOUS are my top picks. They are all good. Cannot stop vibing on TAPES.


Brilliant stuff. Loving every track.

Best Auxy release of 2019.


WOW. OK this is insane. Thank you! :heart:

Dude thank YOU this is crazy. Do you have it on any store fronts? BandCamp, iTunes, anywhere?

Thanks man! I’m speechless. :heart:

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Only on SC atm. I’m looking into putting it on other platforms.
I eventually do want to post things on ITunes and Spotify, but propably need a lot more recognition for that.

You can use stuff like CDBaby, Distrokid, or even for free Amuse. I use Amuse. I’d just like to see this available to buy cause I’d like to have it on the go. BandCamp is also free to set up you just need a paypal account to receive funds. Anyway, just throwing it out there haha. Fantastic work

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Great album. Just listened to the whole thing. Love the atmosphere and mood. And the pockets idea.

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