Pluck song collab?

I made these pluck sounds based off of another song I found on here (illuminated) but I’m not sure what to add to it besides drums and bass, but I’m not good with making drums and bass if you want to collab

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I’ll try something

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firstly, le thankies for using the illuminated track as a base
and secondly, i made a little remix and honestly i just ruined it completely, but here it is anyways:
also there are some drum loops that i put in the project that you can use as an inspo

This is pog, maybe we could do a three way collab

Dude those drums are fire :fire:

i think that using that much drum sounds and loops is not really good, because in all of the packs the samples are different and it sound kinda weird (but sadly not in a good way)

i know that it was me that added all of these loops but it wasn’t necessary to use all of them

also i saw that you used a one octave down pitch automation on the bass. and my advice is - don’t. just don’t. there are only few times when this will sound good. but in this case, this sounds so dirty and uncomfortable to ears.

and honestly, i didn’t really like the order you put it in so i think i’m gonna change it.

the three way collab sounds pretty interesting

Kk, I’ll wait for u to do ur part then I’ll add something

ok so firstly, i’m so sorry for what you’re about to hear. i didn’t even do much, just extended it a bit and that’s all. i couldn’t even do a build up.

secondly, i had some random ideas while making this which you can see on the last scenes of the track (they are labeled so it won’t be hard).

thirdly, here’s the link: (updated)

i hope it’s not completely ruined by me

I can work with that, also I think I’m gonna add a Melody cuz the pluck thing is kinda repetitive during the drop lol

Yea I think adding a melody would be a good idea. Also thanks for the feedback, I thought you wanted all of the drums to be used. I made a buildup and I don’t know if it’s good or not. I also don’t know if/how you guys want to separate it so each of us get a part of the song, or if we just all work on it together? Oh and lastly I added to the future bass part.

Wait sorry on the build up don’t use the automation I put on the drums

Here’s what I did:

Maybe we could merge the two together or something :man_shrugging:

Also who’s account are we gonna post this on?

Also I’m gonna let one of u guys make the Melody cuz all of my attempts failed lol

I will let you guys decide who’s account we post this on, and I can work on merging it together. Also I can’t really make a melody either lol

Lol, I guess we could post it on all ot our accounts


Actually I don’t think we need to merge them, we could just use yours because it’s better lol

Lol ok :blush:

I added a lot to the second half of the song, but I don’t know if it’s good

Aight I’ll add something tomorrow

I added something