Pluck pluck go thoughts?


Aha well i think I used it one of my tutorials coz I didn’t know how to explain it :joy:


I’ve actually taken a liking towards Squash. Combined with Doodle, you get a pretty interesting electropop/j-pop combo.


I only really like carrot and kale, I havnt really found a use for the rest of the sounds yet but I’m sure there’s heaps of experimentation to come


Most people call arps “broken chords”.


I know to increase shape, yes. But increasing tone makes most of them sound like crap in terms of creating chords


Unfortunately, more envelope controls won’t help, because the entire pack is made up of samples instead of waveforms generated through Auxy. If you don’t believe me, compare the size of any instrument from Game Waves to the pack. 5-10kb vs 1mb average.

It’s likely the samples aren’t more than just a pluck itself, so more envelope control will have little to no effect on actually sustaining the note out.


That’s because, for some of the instruments, tone adds is a spicy Sine-based distortion. It’s very noticeable to the trained ear, and doesn’t always make for juicy sounding chords. It distorts them strongly. If you want an example of another instrument that distorts in this manner, Racer is a good one to compare to. So is Slope, as both use the same type of distortion.

Some of the others add a chorus effect (noticeable in Celery), and some are just simple clipping distortion (the type you’d normally think of when talking about distortion).

Some sounds just aren’t built to make chords, unfortunately.


My disappointment is immeasurable and my day ruined.

(Sorry, just wanted to make that joke.)


free sounds gang

barber is our pluck pluck go


I agree


Think of a harp when you think of a pluck


Oh. Well, now I’m sad because these new sounds will most likely get compartmentalized into the same place Melodic Percussion is in— and that’s currently in the realm of “can’t find much use for these”.


If you’re struggling to find a use for these, try infusing them with a more retro-style song. Most retro music makes heavy use of arps instead of chords due to limitations of classic hardware, so they’d probably fit in if you worked hard enough with them.

As for melodic percussion, while I myself have found it hard to use them sometimes, they work wonders when you do find a use for them. Slower, more atmospheric songs is where I tend to get the most bang for my buck with them. Especially with adding hefty delay and reverb to them.


And sometimes Climb


Just Pluck Pluck for those of you who like to stay indoors
Pluck Pluck Go outside for those of you who have never been outside their house


wdym actual drums just wondering


We didn’t get an actual drum pack for February. We got the chops instead. No snares, no new kicks, no new claps— that’s what I mean. But still, I’m happy for what we got.

Now that I think about it, the plucks are just like February as a month…Short and yet surprisingly sweet.


The vocal chops are strange, but I’ve made use. It’s easier than adding sound clips post production and I’m lazy so perfect combination I suppose.
I’ve tried using the plucks they’re a bit quiet, more so I’m a little too loud for them, I could try and Tone myself down… hm… that would have to be a whole side project thing, Devoid of Noise sounds strange though.


uses harp for powersaws