Pluck pluck go thoughts?


Now we got the key ingredient of music


Lol this pack makes me look like a vegetarian

Idk why I’m trying to diss this pack its actually really amazing :joy:


No joke kale’s pretty good




Rip tone


Havnt we done that


Lol idk I know there was a favorite instrument thread but there was no debating


Wasn’t there also a debate thread at some point?

Edit - or maybe it was a roast thread…


Roast thread :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Us demo sound users still have to use it though


I loved the demo :man_shrugging:


roasted vegetables


The sad part about these plucks is that unlike virtually every other previous sound that we’ve had to use as plucks, the envelope on these is just too short. They’re really only good for use as arps or short staccato chords, but not legitimate full chords as I would have hoped. I hope that an update with envelope knobs could come out fast enough to turn these plucks into bright and shiny chords!


Well they are called plucks


I dunno. I guess I’m not the type of person to use plucks, because my first thought of a pluck is a sound like Climb, which can open up very dramatically to give a cutting, bright edge to anthem-style chords.

In all honesty, I guess instruments like Climb have spoiled me into thinking that most plucks can open up as well as that instrument.

I’m just a very chords-heavy person… again, having all these nice and full lead sounds have spoiled me. At least I’ll have nice, strong arps for the next couple of tracks…


Increase Shape


Use carrot for chords. It’s amazing.


I personally like this months sounds. They sound really great when it comes to “scattered chords” or chords that have a rhythm.


HAHA I am getting a feeling “scattered chords” is from me? I think I called it that :joy:


No, not really :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s an idea that I’ve had for sometime, but never actually used