Pluck pluck go thoughts?


This pack is great! Thanks devs :raised_hands:


Is this the return of the meme thread? •w-


When you thought Intonations was the only pack for February



Oh, god does love me!


A lot of the packs sound the same to me including this one. Everything is way too clean sounding. Nothing sounds original.

I don’t have the pack as I’m not a subscriber so I could be wrong. I’ve only listened to the demo song so far so waiting to hear more examples.

Please correct me if I’m wrong. Still appreciate more sounds but I think we badly need the melodic sampler as soon as possible or ability to create our own sounds offline using a Mac or PC.


Thank me for that haha


Trust me, many of the subscription sounds are dirty sounding, including the bass guitar and “future sounds” packs. But I wholeheartedly agree with the melodic sampler. It would be amazing to create your own sounds in auxy


I think owl is underrated it’s probably the best sounding one in the app imo. It should well created and it’s tough


You can thank 7 Skies for his fantastic contributions to the app for Owl (as well as most of AP006) for standing out against all the other instruments currently present in Auxy.

Owl cannot, however, beat the true glory that is Lobster ;3 -bwops away-


I beg to differ. Mascara is truly the king.


RIP climb

You will be missed


They layer pretty well!!!


The demo for this pack is less than inspiring. Played around with the sounds yesterday and they are pretty nice, better than what’s represented in the demo (imo).

Agreed though, would love to see a melodic sampler :slight_smile:


Bro! It really is!


I tried to not use owl too much… but then I forgot about it. Owl is awesome


So I literally just watched a YouTube video on edm pop production, went into Auxy to see if I can make a good sounding pluck and then saw the update. Couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. So much so that I made my first disco post in I don’t know how many months.


Yeah I was like, this is a RARE CHEDDR SIGHTING haha. Hope all is well man :slight_smile: the plucks will fit what you and @darwinmcd are doing super nicely!


@TheRealJFalc @DJ_La_Rocca We should create a “debate over the best Auxy sound” thread



Saw the update. Can’t wait to try them out!

Hope all is well @icsleepers and @Cheddr!