Pluck pluck go thoughts?


These names :rofl::ok_hand: I like them :herb:


I’m amused by the theme they went with on these. Last I saw they were numbered pluck 1,2 etc. :joy:


Yet another step in the right direction! This was really a good choice for a sound pack. Can’t wait to see what they’ve got next…


Big fan. High quality unique sounds.


I used to be a fan, now I’m an air conditioner


Don’t really use plucks so I didn’t think I would like the pack.

I love it.


I actually think this pack came in clutch at the perfect time. I just got really inspired by the vivrant pack video on the Auxy YouTube page like two days ago and I’m starting to make some pretty interesting minimal techno songs.

The plucks fit super perfectly with the atmosphere-y environment and they sound really great for melodies. Yesterday, I felt like I was using atom, fragment, and coin too much. Now, it’s like a breath of fresh air with the new sounds! Massive props and thanks to fredrik and lenberg on this one! :ok_hand:


I like them quite a lot. I will definitely be using them.


This new pack is plucking awesome




YEEEEEEES. This will be VERY fun to use.

Time to overuse every single one of them.




The same thing happened wih Intonations. I was waiting for the bell to ring at school so i could get out of my last class, then i turn on my ipod and see the notification. I like the sounds and instrument names! I might mostly use them in my trance songs






Aubergine is a banger




Seriously tho


Yeah I’ve been messing with it and it’s really good for chords