Pluck pluck go thoughts?


What’re your thoughts on the new sound pack? A vocal chops soundpack and a melodic plucks pack this month… what more could we ask for? :wink:


Yes yes yes. Haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but I quickly listened to some of the sounds and I feel like his pack is gonna be GREAT. I’m really hyped for what this could bring. More pluck chord options, fun arpeggios and melodies… this is gonna be good.


i can’t wait to use them. i think i’ll use them quite a bit.


I got a notification from auxy right before I find this post…


We could ask for more, yeah. Like actual drums. But nah, @lenberg and @Fredrik have done a lot in this short little month. They deserve our thanks for coming in clutch.


Auxy team is raining down blessings on us restless producers

Now we don’t have to overuse climb :cowboy_hat_face:


It sounds nice


I thought this was a joke and said to my self, if this happens, that would be too good to be true, and then I checked my notifications, and sure enough! i’ve started to use volume automations to make my own pluck instruments but i guess now i wont have to.


LOL I havnt even heard them, I just seen the notification and guess who’s a happy boyyyyy :smiley:


These actually sounds like Marshmello kinda style plucks ngl. Like if you agree here…


Now I can stop using climb and atom just to get a good pluck sound


I know right I’ve used atom, climb and promenade way too much


Ooh! Aubergine sounds kinda like a steel drum


No basses in this pack, for those who were wondering… but it’s good stuff nonetheless. ARPS AHOY!


This pack is Amazing


Something tells me that this would be pretty useful.


Nice Y usage


But yeah, 2 packs in one month?! Len and the team are really outdoing themselves and I really appreciate it. I’m totally gonna use this pack ALL THE TIME.


They’re interesting to say the least. The reverb on them is unbelievable though. Seriously, the instruments transform into juicy spaceships.

I would have liked some attack controls as well, but I can’t complain. Personally I like my plucks to be a bit more like a triangle in volume. And in everything else. Triangles are amazing.


As you can see I enjoy arps a bit