Please Help Me how import a sample from YouTube to auxy

Guys is there a way to take a sample from YouTube to put it on auxy but how and with what app

I’d usually use a YouTube to WAV converter, download the file in Safari, and then export it to Auxy from there.

If your on iPhone you have a feature where you can record on your screen, and it’ll capture the audio when you play the video. Slide up on the bottom middle of your screen, and there should be a record option. If it’s not there Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls, then tap next to Screen Recording. I use that to sample stuff. Once you stop recording it will automatically save to your camera roll. I go to an online converter website and then convert the file to WAV. After I download it as a WAV file, I save it to my Dropbox. Once it saves to my Dropbox, I export it to Auxy. Then wah la.

Also, before you convert your file to WAV, the initial start for the sample will be off, so be sure to cut it at the right time so it won’t sound off sync in Auxy. Try to also use the “Offset” feature in the Drum Kit to adjust it.

Or you can do Bob’s option, it’s probably more easier. Up to you though.

Yea I tried that but it tells me it can’t it import it

I tried Bob way but it’s tells me that it can’t import it so you record it download it as a WAV file and import it to auxy? Straight away?

And how many seconds the sample have to be?

If you have a computer this would be a lot easier. You can use youtube-dl or another similar tool to download the audio from the video, then clip it in whatever program you feel most comfortable with (QuickTime, Audacity, etc.). Then you would convert it to a wav if needed and put it in iCloud Drive/Auxy/Samples.

20 seconds or less, 16bit wave file is all I’ve had luck with. If it’s not a 16bit .WAV it’s prolly not gonna work. You can use apps like AudioShare (and probably others) to convert it.